API & Intermediate

API & Intermediate

Base on our more than 20 years experience in China pharmaceutical and chemical market, we continue to provide safe and high quality pharmaceutical products to our partners and customers. As strategic partner for several Europe and USA companies, we continue to work on selecting suppliers. In a word we will integrate our different resources in China pharmaceutical market andprovide high quality API and Intermediates to our customers.

We are also procurement service partner for Swiss IDORSIA company, for provide proper API and Intermediate for IDORSIA new API. IDORSIA is one of the fastest developing bio-pharma company in Europe. For detail you can visit IDORSIA website :www.idorsia.com

Meanwhile we also cooperate with ORPHANION company from Switzerland to develop and market the orphan drugs for the worldwide market.For more detail you can visit our website:www.orphanion.com

Other intermediate business: We are also China partner of Swiss COATING SUISSE company, for detail you can visit: https://www.coating-suisse.com/en/

If you have any further request please contact:

Manager Lu

Email: ludd@cinobiz.com

Tel: +86-21-39523032